The art of cold

The magical world of ice sculptures. Professional design of high-quality sculptures for your event.

For over 25 years active in the whole of Europe. Each ice design is customized transparent ice.

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  • Ice sculptures

    The ice sculptures are unique handcrafted. They are available in different categories of the table decoration to a sculpture of 2.50 m. After careful deliberation a fitting to the occasion idea for your sculpture will be prepared by the customer.

    Your logo or your subject is in accordance with the offered sculptures model - of course in the appropriate color - realized in crystal clear ice. The logo will be centrally incorporated into the ice and remains so during the entire service life, which can vary depending on the size sculpture, unchanged in its appearance.

    Smaller sculptures can be sent by overnight express. For larger sculptures that deliver a refrigerated wagons and trained team.

  • Frosting

    Even the smallest product is much more powerful. A frozen in clear ice product can be at fairs and incentive events as table decoration or eye-catching highlight. It loads as a hands-on and wonder. The ice block can be adapted in size, shape and surface processing each product. The positioning of the products in transparent ice may completely set according to customer requirements, and are placed in the desired number on aluminum pedestals.

    Depending on the version the ice sculptures with LED color changer may appear in a whole new light. The lighting, as well as the defrost water collecting tank is integrated into the aluminum pedestal. You can present your audience this freeze depending on the version at least 24 hours.

  • Ice bars

    An ice bar is the center of every event. A refreshing attraction for your guests. The design of your ice bar to measure is only three-dimensionally designed according to the placement opportunity and your event nature of us and implemented after close consultation. Be inspired by the many variants elaboration.

  • Ice columns

    Freestanding ice columns are a highly visible advertising medium with high aesthetic value.

    Whether elaborately decorated with filigree designs - or as icy Lamp with logo. From ice block to exact motive incorporation, whether indoors or outdoors, at a fair or your event, with glowing ice columns many ideas are to be realized, even in tight spaces.

    A column sculptures - a highlight with many placement options.

  • Ice & Fire

    The burning ice pillars - a new product of ice designers which certainly have not experienced your guests ...

    Spectacular effects with certain ice in Ice Fire to touch.

  • Product imitations

    As the product sculpture shines in a completely new light - tangible and tactile oversized copy of clear ice. From hand we carve your product or logo in the desired size of the block of ice.

  • Live-Action

    A sculpture or product replica can also occur in the eyes of your audience. This live event is designed according to your wishes: as a feature-length event from the raw block of ice, the ice sculpture is produced locally. Or as a brief response: the sculpture is only exposed: involving a celebrity or a corporate member, the figure is completed.

  • Custom engravings / ice art

    For the realization of very special challenges from customers, we can draw on a wealth of experience.

    Years of practical experience in the realization of all kinds Eisobjekten for major events with very special requirements cringe we have no object. Individual ice art is our trademark.

Ice sculptures

in beliebigen Größen und Formen

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Produktpräsentation in kristallklarem Eis

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Ice bars

Sonderanfertigungen & Zubehör

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Ice columns

individuelle Motive & Größen

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Ice & Fire

Spektakuläre Effekte mit sicher in Eis gebändigtem Feuer zum Anfassen

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Product imitations

Ihr Produkt oder Ihr Logo in der gewünschten Größe aus Eis

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Erstellung oder Freilegung der Eisfigur vor den Augen des Publikums

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Individualkunst ganz nach Ihren Wünschen

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